HVAC Inspection & Cleaning

Regular Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC System Inspections are vital in creating a safe and healthy work environment. It is important not only for your employees and customers but can also affect your business by providing lower operating costs and prolong the life of all of the parts of the HVAC System.
We offer a full suite of services when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your ventilation and ductwork, from assessment through to complete surveys and maintenance of your ductwork systems, all up to the highest standards set by the “European Ventilation Hygiene Association” EVHA. We are specialised in Ductwork Cleaning and Remediation Projects, Ventilation Hygiene Surveys thorough inspection and testing of local exhaust ventilation systems and air conditioning energy assessments.

Our Expertise

Inspecting & Reporting Air Handling Unit Cleaning (video robots)
Duct Cleaning
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
Remediation & Protection of hazardous types of contamination (mould, trace asbestos, synthetic mineral fibres)
Mold Remediation
HVAC Filtration

We are certificated by EVHA, so we can provide our clients with the peace of mind that their HVAC systems are being worked on by competent and knowledgeable engineers.

Our Work

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